In a fast-paced world, Ampool helps you keep up

For Business Analysts

As a business analyst you are gathering insights that help drive business outcomes. The more data, the more granular your insights can be. However, you need access to that data today, not in a month.

For Data Engineers

Data fragmentation is a reality and it is growing. Yet as a data engineer you are responsible for combining these different data sources to help business analysts derive insights. This is difficult, complicated and time consuming task.

Embrace Tableau online with data on hybrid cloud/ on-premises – 100x faster by improving infrastructure and network performance. Load and analyze 100 GB+ records in less than a second.

Ampool is up to 40x faster than Amazon EMR and up to 3x faster than Amazon Redshift on BI queries. When it comes to data loading, scalability, and concurrency, Ampool is 3- 20x faster. Ampool is up to 80x faster than Hive on complex TPC-DS queries

With Ampool’s Query/Data Federation and Transparent Caching, there is no need to pre-load data into the Ampool Analytics Engine. A single SQL query can operate on datasets across multiple data sources. Ampool transparently caches (materializes) frequently used subset datasets.

Drive faster performance, and reduce security risks across multiple data silos without the length ETL pipeline

Analyze on an on-demand replica of your operational DBs. Avoid a need for yet another analytical store.

Data fragmentation is

real and it’s growing

A typical enterprise today has to deal with a variety of databases, data warehouses, and lakes-each serving a purpose for specific demands. However, companies that are data driven need to harness and use this data that sprawls across different data. Ampool is a unified data access platform that creates the fastest and most secure way to access data.

Minimize the risks of

cloud data migration

There is a growing list of regulations imposed by various countries and states to protect user privacy. No company wants to be in the headline of a newspaper associated with corporate data breach or regulatory violations. Yet CIOs and CDOs have aligned interests to modernize their data systems and embrace cloud for scalability and economics. As a result, enterprises will have a hybrid IT environment – ie on-prem and cloud and some are even embracing polycloud.

Most on-prem environments are loaded with mission critical systems and hold highly sensitive data. As a result, CIOs and CDOs are cautious about migrating all of their data to the cloud. Instead of undergoing this worrisome process, they could leverage Ampool Proxy. By doing this they could leave their sensitive data on-prem and simply use Ampool Proxy to access it when it is needed to help drive business insights and outcomes.

Increase the speed of business

In the competitive digital world, seconds can mean the difference between success and failure. Technology companies know this and they have architected their infrastructure so they can make decisions in near real-time. Many traditional businesses are not built this way and so their C-suites are not getting timely access to business insights because it takes too long to pull the data. There is too much plumbing involved. If they do not solve this problem, these traditional businesses risk being left behind.

Avoid vendor lock in

As enterprises migrate to the cloud, there is a concern of vendor lock-in and a feeling that they are not able to add business value from these services and capabilities without significant engineering resources. Ampool enables data to be multi-cloud, flow effortlessly between all types of environments and be accessible through the BI tools that the company is already using.

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