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  • Query exabytes of data from Azure Synapse SQL with high concurrency

  • Control your price/performance with the latest cost-based optimizer

  • Intelligent in-memory caching to speed up performance up to 100x

  • Federate query across Azure Synapse and other data sources providing a unified view with your BI tools such as PowerBI




Load 100x data and Analyze 100x faster

Turbocharge your Tableau

Analyze any data anywhere

Ampool puts Tableau on steroids. With Ampool, Tableau users see up to100x faster response when analyzing and visualizing TBs of data in Live mode. Users can also combine streaming data with static data for real-time dashboards.  Ampool's scalable MPP query + caching engine delivers reduces minutes of query performance to just a couple of seconds.

Ampool Proxy & Engine allow enterprises to have fine grained data control and transformations (two-way hashings, column/user level masking) to safely share on-premises data with Tableau Online without comprising performance and data control. Enterprises wanting to embrace more cloud offerings (ex: Snowflake, Tableau Online), have legacy data on-premises.  With Ampol BI users join and analyze sensitive data across on-premises and cloud data sources. 

Analyze Historical + Real time Streaming data

Ampool offers the unique capability to analyze and construct dashboards that combines streaming data sets with historical data. 

High Level Data Modelling

Ampool allows a simple interface to define table/entity relationships between fields across tables and data sources. These relationships and constructs are used to provide a denormalized view of data sources resulting in higher performance 

Tableau performance demo

Tableau real time streaming demo

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