The fastest and most 

secure way to access data

In today’s fast-paced world, companies need timely insights to drive successful outcomes.

Yet for many companies their data is fragmented, slow to access and vulnerable to breach.

Ampool unifies data across multiple sources, increases the performance and preserves privacy - in a self-service and on-demand way using the existing Business Intelligence tools your analysts already love.

Ampool makes it easier to access your data to drive business outcomes

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How companies with diverse data infrastructures use Ampool

SQL Query Federation

Wherever your data lives, Ampool allows anyone within your org self-service and on-demand access to any approved data source using the business intelligence tools they’re already familiar with


Turbocharge your existing BI tools

Whether your data is on-premise, in the cloud or in multiple clouds, Ampool uses an in memory data architecture that will accelerate performance and turbocharge your business intelligence tools


Secure access

Ampool enables a central place to configure data governance policies to be set to ensure data is securely accessed and privacy is preserved, whether you want certain data sets to remain on-prem or mask personal information


Ampool Data Modeling Language (ADML)

Ampool gives you a no code approach to define relationships across data elements across data stores, allowing you to easily “Stitch it all together”


The benefits of Ampool

Reduce time to insights or drive value quickly from data


Turbo charge your BI tools


Secure and govern your data


Maximize the use and performance of your investment in data


No ETL pipeline needed


Real customer results


Improve Tableau performance


faster than Amazon EMR on BI queries

<1 Sec.

Load and analyze 100 GB+ records

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