From relatively obscurity two decades ago, Open Source Software has come a long way, and has become a dominating force in enterprises. Most modern data platforms, both operational and analytical, are built with OSS projects, such as Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB, Spark, and Kafka. In our experience, many traditional enterprises in financial services, telecom, manufacturing, and many other verticals have taken an “Open Source First” approach. In addition, enterprise workloads moving from on-premises to public or private clouds are evenly divided between proprietary services provided by cloud vendors and open source software, either hosted by commercial vendors, or self-deployed and managed. In Mary Meeker’s 2017 “State of the Internet Report”, cloud-proprietary services’ lock-in is cited as a concern by 22% of enterprises, and is rapidly growing. Therefore, hosted or self-managed services powered by open source software has become the choice of enterprises on public clouds.

Ampool’s Open Source Lineage

Ampool’s Active Data Store (ADS) is powered by Apache Geode (previously Pivotal’s proprietary Gemfire In-Memory Data Grid.) As Chief Scientist at Pivotal, I was deeply involved in defining Pivotal’s OSS strategy for its Data products, and facilitated open sourcing of Pivotal Gemfire as an Apache project, along with Ampool’s Technical Advisory Board member, Roman Shaposhnik.

Currently, Ampool’s Hitesh Khamesra, & Avinash Dongre are on the Project Management Committee (PMC) for Apache Geode, and Ampool has employed five committers for Apache Geode. In addition, Suhas Gogate, our Chief Solutions Architect, and I have been long-term contributors to Apache Hadoop ecosystem projects.

Ampool uses Apache Geode as a foundation, and all our additions are built on top of Geode. Thus, the entire functionality of Geode In-Memory Data Grid, which is an in-memory caching layer and an object store for applications is included and enabled in Ampool. As of now, Ampool ADS is strictly a superset of Apache Geode, with minimal changes to Apache Geode to enable various additions to make it into a performant & robust analytical memory-centric store.

In addition,  many data access and persistence connectors to and from Ampool are built with OSS query engines, such as Apache Spark, Apache Hive, Apache Kafka, Apache Apex, Apache Trafodion, Cask Data Analytics Platform, and Apache Hadoop Distributed File System with OSS file formats such as Apache ORC, and Apache Parquet.

Ampool believes in the superiority of OSS as a distribution model, which reduces friction in adoption for developers of data platforms. However, we are also focused on building a viable business, which will allow us to rapidly innovate, and meet the cutting-edge requirements of our customers, and provide them with ease of use, secure deployment, painless management. One of the primary reasons Ampool ADS was developed for the last two years as proprietary, closed-source addition to Apache Geode, is because the speed of development in an open source community is significantly reduced due to the consensus-driven approach, and would not have been satisfactory for the rapid development pace needed for a startup catering to cutting-edge needs of our customers and prospects.

Having demonstrated that Ampool can meet those needs for our customers, I am pleased to announce today, that Ampool Active Data Store, along with data access & ingestion connectors to several OSS query engines, and data ingestion frameworks, is available as project “Monarch” on Ampool’s open GitHub repository at under Apache License (ASLv2).

Project “Monarch” currently contains code for both the Active Data Store, and Connectors for Hive, Kafka, Presto, & Spark. More connectors, such as Apache Calcite, HDFS (ORC & Parquet) will be released into OSS soon.

Currently, the OSS Monarch is based on Ampool v 1.5. We are working hard on releasing Ampool 2.0 version soon, which will be merged upstream into Monarch immediately after the 2.0 release.

If you only want to try out Ampool as a binary distribution for single node, you can download it, as before, from

Documentation for usage and deployment can be found at

If you need support using Ampool (powered by Monarch) email us at  support [at] ampool [dot] io.

In addition, we have a discussion group at!forum/ampool-users.

Looking forward to feedback & contributions.

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