In the past few weeks, we have blogged about Ampool’s view on how data processing needs have evolved over the past years, and how Ampool is on a mission to simplify the lives of application developers and data workers with a common data store.

The wait is over! Today, we’re making Ampool’s Active Data Store (ADS), generally available for developers to try out. Please download it from our website. It is free to use as a single instance, or in pseudo-distributed mode on your laptop, server, or a cloud instance.

As described in the previous posts, Ampool ADS is designed to enable real-time, data-driven applications with faster access to active data, resulting in timely insights. It is built on Apache Geode, a proven in-memory, object store, and is optimized for demanding analytical workloads.

The core binaries include all the dependencies needed to run core ADS services. Once these services are started, one can configure different connectors to store and analyze your data. Here are a few options to get started:

  • Working with a Spark shell (in standalone mode) to ingest, process and query your active data
  • Interacting with new or existing Hive tables through Beeline

All of this without changing the application logic, only a few data access commands.

For more information to get started with Ampool ADS, Spark & Hive connectors, please check out the docs here. In case, you have questions, please join/post those in the Ampool-Users Google Group here. We welcome your feedback!

Happy holidays!

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